The Brand

Victoria's Parlor stands for honesty within its products from how they are sourced to the processes they undergo prior to shipment. We want our customers to feel as luxurious as our tresses that sit on their crown by knowing that they're apart of a brand representing diversity and uniqueness.


The density is perfect because it makes the hair look more realistic. It's not too thick & it's not too thin. This looks like this could be my hair!

Clarise Rachel

When I run my fingers through it there's minimal to no shedding.

Terrica A


The boring bundles, bad hair days, and even worse investments on hair that wasn't what it was POST to be...been there, done that, and so over it. Our team has spent an extensive amount of time researching & communicating with overseas manufacturers who've been in business for over 5 years to be able to guarantee hair of true durability and longevity. While understanding consumer pain points, we pride ourselves of being one of the few U.S. companies offering such a unique variety of hair extensions for all types of customers. If you have any questions about shopping with Victoria's Parlor we welcome you to visit the FAQ section by clicking the link below. 

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Raw hair is hair that has been directly cut from donors of specified origins which is apparent with its brownish/black color. Our raw hair is sourced from 3 south Asian countries: India, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The patterns, feel, and overall rare quality of raw hair is far from typical which is why it is the most sought after hair on market. Raw hair differs from virgin hair in many ways. Because women in Brazil, Malaysia, and Peru don't cut their hair for to be sold, such hair is steamed processed to achieve lookalike patterns. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair will maintain its texture after many washes since there are no chemicals to be washed out that may alter its initial form. It has a distinct reaction to weather conditions, heat damage, etc and should be taken care of appropriately.

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The Hair Dictionary

Adhesive: Available in either liquid roll-on or tape form, aids in securing the wig to the scalp. Bleached Knots: When the knots of lace ar...